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The Bridge, Reconstructed

The Bridge, Reconstructed

. 3 min read

In solid red-orange and spanning 1.7 miles long, the Golden Gate Bridge is an icon of San Francisco. Though it's visibly massive, everyone chases after the same handful of popular perspectives that garner significant social media engagement. Although beautiful, I find them repetitive and boring after a while. They're all taken at the same spot, edited in similar ways, and all showing the grandeur of the bridge. Due to the sheer quantity of photos of the Golden Gate Bridge every day, it almost feels like the bridge is shot to death and there isn't much left to see of the bridge.

Over the past couple of years, I've made numerous trips to the Golden Gate Bridge in an attempt to capture all the faces of the bridge that has never been presented before. I wanted to challenge the perceptions of the Golden Gate Bridge. Even with millions of photos online, there are still countless perspectives that have yet been explored in this 1.7 miles of architectural wonder. The bridge has many beautiful features that are neglected when it's observed as a whole. It's comprised of imposing towers, street lamps of various styles, gigantic cables, and much more, all with distinctive geometry and style.

I've always loved mathematics growing up. But ever since graduating university, I haven't really had a chance to practice it. To me, not only is the Golden Gate Bridge an architectural beauty, I find it to be very mathematically beautiful as well. There are many beautiful lines that reminded me of math plots and cascading shapes that reminded me of geometry problems. Additionally, because of the location and size, there's minimal visual clutter, making it even more so seem like a perfect mathematical diagram or equation.

Thus, I sought to create a series of photos that quintessentially represent the Golden Gate Bridge without showing the bridge in its entirety. It's an intimate portrait of the Golden Gate Bridge studying its form, lines, shapes, and color. Through these photos, I hope to reconstruct our perspectives towards the Golden Gate Bridge.

This is an ongoing project and I'm in the process of putting together a photo book for this series and if you're interested, feel free to subscribe to get updates!